Terms of Use


JAPAREPO is a service that began from the thought that we want to send the Japanese charm to the world. While the convenience of the user to the highest priority, and we have established the Terms of Use in order to continue to better JAPAREPO. User which use the JAPAREPO, we would like to ask user to read the contents of the following.


1. JAPAREPOis a service which VIVAP inc. (below: in my company or we) is to be operated on the Internet. Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") is any of the relationship between the company and user to take advantage of the JAPAREPO (below: user) and suppose you adapt to.
2. The user Agree to the Terms, you shall use the service. In addition, the user, by using this service, you are deemed to have agreed on all of the information contained in this Terms of Use.
3. We can be revised this Agreement at any time without notice to the user. For Terms of change, it is assumed to be applied in preference to past conventions, and shall be effective on the posted on this service.
4. In my company, if it is determined that there is considerable grounds, without obtaining prior consent of the user at our discretion, and we shall be able to change the Terms and Conditions at any time.
5. This Terms of Use after the change, except for the case that the Company is separately determined, it shall take effect from the time that was displayed on this site. In addition, after the effect of the change of the Terms of Use has occurred, when the user is available this service, it is assumed that you agree to the Terms and Conditions after the change.
6. If it is established a new establishment and variations of the present Terms and Conditions have been made, even for acts that have been made by the user before the establishment and change of the convention, and Terms and Conditions of after such the establishment and changes have been applied.

2.Definition of terms

About terms relating to this agreement, we shall be defined as follows.

1. The "User" is refers to all of those who want to use this service.
2. The "Service" refers to that of "JAPAREPO", and domain is "https://japarepo.com/".
3. The "Member" is the members registered persons in this service.
4. The "Member information" is all of the information such as e-mail address, password, nickname and profile have registered by user.
5. The "Posted contents” are content in this service such as image, text, video and comments have uploaded by user.

3. Member information

Members which resister this service, please observe the following conditions.

1. If you are a registered in this service, than member information registration screen provided by us, you shall be sent through the Internet in the format designated by the company.
2. If the information is sent without any problems, we shall have accepted as our member.
3. We shall be managed and operated regardless of the public and private for member information that has been registered through the Service.
4. For information the member entered, it is assumed that the member is responsible for all of the Posted contents that is sent under membership information.
5. Regardless of whether member himself do or not, with respect to any and all acts and results is carried out in the membership information of its own, the Member shall bear the responsibility themselves.

4. Privacy

On the basis of the personal information of the user to the "Privacy Policy", we shall properly handle. The user is deemed to have agreed for the privacy policy of this service by using this service.

5. Withdrawal

1. Withdrawal is the application from the predetermined location where this service is defined, it is assumed that data is sent to the Company has accepted the withdrawal application at the time.
2. When the member withdraws this service, including the posting data the member have to lose the member of the rights in this service at all.
3. If the user has recognized that there is a risk of violation, we will be able to stop or abolish the account without notice to advance user.

6. Prohibited acts

1. When using this service, user is prohibited to the following items. Should, due to the violation of this section any damage to us or a third party, if the loss or expense occurs, the user shall be responsible to compensate all the losses, etc. In this case, without notifying any prior, we stop of the service to the user deregistration other company is assumed to be able to take measures considered to be reasonable.

(1) Laws and regulations, court rulings, decisions or instructions, or any act in violation of the administrative measures with laws and regulations on the binding force
(2) The Company, other users or other third parties (hereinafter referred to as the "others".) Copyright of, act to infringe the intellectual property rights such as trademark rights, or are likely to be infringement
(3) Others of property, act to violate the privacy or publicity rights, or the fear of the action of infringement
(4) Discrimination or slander others, or to damage the honor or reputation of others action
(5) Suicide, self-harm, abetting drug abuse, etc., attractants, solicitation, the act of posting post content that assisted or encouraged
(6) Grotesque, violent pictures, videos, and feel uncomfortable for those of other general and acttion the Company to post posts content to reasonably determine
(7) Skimpy pictures, videos (mosaic, also includes those put blur, etc..) Other Company to post a post content that reasonably determined to be obscene act
(8) Sexual intercourse, intercourse similar act, prostitution for the purpose of other indecent acts, solicitation to meet, etc., act to attract or encourage
(9) Dating site, (including acts that put simply link.) Adult site information which can be used to derive the other of illegal and harmful sites action
(10) Race, ethnicity, gender, social status, religion, for beliefs, etc., and the act of posting post content that promotes the lead to discrimination or enhance discrimination
(11) The action against to Public policy
(12) Without obtaining the ours prior consent act of using this service for the purpose of profit
(13) The action of impersonating others or us
(14) Tamper with the content or information or others content or information of accessible this service, act to erase
(15) The action is usually beyond the act of using the Service in such encourage the act or it put a load on the server
(16) The action of sending or post harmful computer programs such as virus
(17) The Company of illegally rewrites the accumulated information on equipment or to erase act
(18) Interfere with the other this service operation and provision or use of this service by other users, or the act of them to interfere
(19) The act of using this service for a different purpose and intended use of this service is planned
(20) Other for the management and operation of this service and act that we are reasonably determined to be unsuitable

2. In this service, we image the user to post, the following published standards in the video provided. Posts image contrary to published standards and prohibited, do not meet the published criteria or content that this service operational inappropriate and we determine user may want to hide or deleted without prior notice.

(1) Images and movies are related to Japanese Culture and Trend.
(2) Article 6(Prohibited acts) in-determined image or movie that is not conflict with the prohibition
(3) Image quality, contrast, blur, etc., quality of image or movie that can be recognized without difficulty shooting content

7. Intellectual Property Rights

1. The user, the content user has posted using this service for information, the person designated by the Company and its non-exclusively to be used free of charge in all of the world (duplication, use, modify, adapt, posted, reproduced, public transmission, screenings, exhibitions, provide, sell, transfer, rent, the translation, it is assumed that you have licensed adaptation, etc.) right. The user, for the person designated by the Company and even had held the moral rights relating to the content, you shall not exercise the moral rights.
2. The Company, it is possible to freely browse the content that the user has posted, if it is determined that a conflict with convention, without prior notice to the user, the private all or part of the content It is assumed that it is possible that with the city, or you want to delete. Also, as some sort of damage or loss to the user by these measures has occurred, we will those do not bear any responsibility.
3. Content posted using this service, information, information of the image, etc., to the Company it shall information such as the image is to ensure that does not infringe the rights of a third party. In the event that any dispute occurs between the third party and user, the user is to solve the problem at your own risk and expense, shall not cause a loss or expense you. Also, any chance, if the Company any damage to, loss or expense occurs to us. If the user shall loss, user compensate or spending all loss or expense.

8. Our property rights

Except for the content and information posted by user, property rights related to any of the content and information contained in this service is attributable to the Company, copyright law, trademark law, and is protected by design method or the like. In addition, all of the software that is used in connection with the Service and the Service, Includes property rights and trade secrets that are protected by the laws and regulations relating to intellectual property rights.

9. Interruption of this service, change, stop

1. If any of the events of the following occur, we may be suspended without temporarily provide all or part of the services to be notified in advance to the user.
(1) When performing the maintenance of communication facilities in order to provide the Service
(2) Fire, if you can no longer provide this service due to a power failure, etc.
(3) Earthquake, eruption, flood, if user can no longer provide this service by the natural disaster of the tsunami, etc.
(4) War, upheaval, riot, mayhem, if user can no longer provide this service by the labor dispute, etc.
(5) Operational or technical, if we has determined that require temporary interruption of the provision of the service
2. If we have determined that it is necessary, you shall be able to stop or cancel the offer at any time to change the contents of this service or the service, without prior notice.
3. We, stop of this service, even as some sort of damage has occurred to the user due to the discontinuation or change, unless otherwise prescribed by this Terms of Use, and we shall not be liable to the user.

10. Disclaimer

1. For loss of the user who generated by the use of this service, we do not assume any liability.
2. By using the Service, if user has damaged to third parties, user is assumed to be to compensate for this at own cost and responsibility.
3. Our trouble has occurred in this service, error, does not assume liability for any damage that this service has been caused by the fact that not available by the failure or the like.
4. About content and information on this service as well as this site, we assume we can provide at that time. For the sentence other content and information for a user to register and post (outbound) by us, its integrity, accuracy, applicability, usability, availability, safety, per certainty, etc., any guarantee it does not at all.
5. Due to damage some external factor to this service, if the data corruption, etc., we does not assume any responsibility.

11.Governing law

Governing Law of terms of use is Japanese law. And for any reason, if the application of in relation to the application or implementation of terms of use Japanese law is eliminated, the spirit and provisions of terms of use are respected to the fullest, and to resolve the dispute on the basis of this we shall be achieved.

12. Jurisdiction

If the need for litigation between the users and our company has occurred, the Tokyo District Court is the first instance exclusive jurisdiction court.