Souvenir Jacket a.k.a. Sukajan


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Origin of Japanese Souvenir Jacket

In the beginning, "Minato-sho Shokai(Tailor Toyo)," the predecessor to Oriental Enterprise, sold 95% of the Souvenir Jackets [Sukajans] on US Military bases throughout Japan. In addition to the Sukajan, though, Minato-sho Shokai sold Hawaiian t-shirts, with both the Sukajan and Hawaiin t-shirts accentuating a Japanese motif through their patterns and use of Eagles, Tigers, and Dragons.

Originator is "TAILOR TOYO"

"TAILOR TOYO" has been making Souvenir Jackets for over half a century. The Sukajan we see today are not just the aftermath of a fashion boom, but a continuing expression of Japanese culture.

Where can you get it?

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